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Accelerators, Tools & Add-ons

Custom-built SAP accelerators and tools for the Fashion Industry

Browse through our growing set of SAP-based preconfigured tools, add-ons and accelerators, built with deep expertise in working with Fashion & Lifestyle brands. By leveraging the best-of-breed implementation experiences, our highly targeted applications help drive real value from your SAP solution faster with improved ROI, minimized risks and shorter implementation cycles.


Supply Chain Vendor Portal

Web and mobile-based, the portal provides the ability to monitor all pre-product related activities. It intuitively re-schedules dependent and successor activities based on changes to the original plan and is equipped with collaborative features such as chat and automated email alerts.

iDoc Cockpit

The iDoc Cockpit provides a user-friendly SAP interface to manage all inbound iDocs, while providing the capability to view all outbound iDocs. This is a configurable tool that centralizes all iDocs, increasing the accuracy of data and the speed at which it is retrieved.


Graphical Planning Tool

The Graphical Planning Tool is a user-friendly accelerator that extends a bi-directional data flow that continually updates the manufacturer’s ERP system with the latest capacity planning data for easier planning and analysis.

Master Data Accelerator

The Master Data Accelerator helps create SAP AFS/IS Retail Master Data faster, with the option of uploading bulk data from a legacy system and in-built rules to convert raw data into SAP-ready Master Data.


a4Eco (B2B ecommerce add-on)

Our robust B2B e-commerce platform empowers customers and customer-facing employees to manage relationships and increase order size. The solution features web-based ordering, invoicing, logistics, delivery management and a virtual shopping cart to help customers find the right products.

Buying Cockpit

This tool provides a unified view of factors affecting purchasing decisions with full visibility of material and component requirements. Additionally, it alerts users of potential issues.


Available to Sell (ATS)

The Available to Sell (ATS) tool empowers salespeople and inventory managers with insight into current inventory and stock levels so they can make informed decisions regarding the availability of products from one centralized view.

Critical Path Manager

The Critical Path Manager is a unifying element that enhances visibility, monitoring and control across the entire supply chain, helping fashion companies effectively manage and respond to the continual flux that is inherent in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments.