Know and Retain Your Customers with a 360° View & Predictive Analytics

A common challenge faced by retailers is the isolated view of their sales channels and the inability to view customer data across them. SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) is designed to address this by consolidating customer, sales and inventory data in real-time for comprehensive and more accurate analysis.
Become a truly digital enterprise and turn these insights into tangible results. With SAP CAR, our deep industry experience and results-driven approach, we will liberate your data so it moves seamlessly through your organization and fuels backend processes such as planning, fulfillment, logistics and marketing.



Consolidating Customer Data for a Personalized,
Consistent Customer Experience


Case Study: Brooks Brothers

Learn How Brooks Brothers is building its omni-channel world of fashion leveraging SAP CRM and Customer Activity Repository (CAR).

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Our Expertise

Why attune for SAP CAR

Proven Practices in the Industry

We utilize industry best practices and breakthrough business insights to uncover the full potential of SAP Customer Activity Repository for your business.


Unparalleled SAP knowledge

Our deep expertise in SAP applications over the last 12+ years ensures you benefit from our experience in SAP CAR discovery, roadmap and implementation capabilities that align with your business objectives.


Customized Solutions leveraging SAP CAR intelligence

We leverage SAP CAR intelligence to build omni-channel customer eng­ag­ement and commerce applications. The customized reporting dashboards will give you better insights and analytics for key retail business processes such as promotions and assortment planning.


Proof of Concept Development

Our Proof of Concept services are designed to demonstrate the power of SAP CAR , showcasing its key features such as ‘360 degree’ view customer reporting and real-time inventory visibility.


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