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Global Inventory Visibility

Available to Sell Tool

attune's Available to Sell Tool gives you instant insights into your stock. Easily view and manage inventory across your sales operations - wholesale, retail and e-commerce.

Gain powerful real-time inventory tracking capabilities to locate available inventory anywhere.

Filter by segment - wholesale, retail, e-commerce or by size.

Drill down to key information such as On-hand Inventory, Open Sales Orders, Store Inventory and more.

Manage Inventory With Ease

Easily track stock levels across multiple locations within a single application. Get the insights you need to manage your inventory, and be updated on the quantity of products in each location.

Drive Better Inventory Planning

Quickly conduct audits to ensure you know what you have, where you have it, what items you’re running low on, and what orders have not shipped yet. Leverage these insights to make informed decisions for better omnichannel inventory management.

Optimize and manage inventory with Vend POS software

Actionable Insight to Transform Your Fashion Business

Inventory Shipments

Stay on top of your inventory by keeping track of incoming supply, shipment dates, shipment methods, vendors, vessel numbers and more.

Stock Transfers

Check product levels at all locations and make the call to transfer items from one location to another in case of impending stock-outs.

Store Inventory

Gain a consolidated view to control and make better informed decisions relating to purchasing and replenishments at your retail stores.

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