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Fashion Quality Management for the Digital Age

Designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands & retailers, Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution™ helps quality controllers effectively manage quality checking processes with a single mobile solution, leveraging unparalleled visibility across a global network of vendors.

  • Eliminate manual data capturing, handwritten notes, emails and excel documents
  • Gain real-time visibility and resolve issues quickly by digitizing quality audits
  • Ensure consistent inspection results by reducing human error in data entry
  • Replace time-consuming reporting processes with automated instant reports
Enable quality inspectors to keep track of their tickets.

Quality Inspection Reporting for the Apparel, Garment, Textile, Footwear and Fashion Industry

Leverage templates and inspection categories unique to the industry
Use handwritten content and speech to-text recognition for data entry
Digitize defect capturing and recording
Use template based data capture forms for multiple product types

Case Study: MAS Direct

See how MAS Direct, 50-million-dollar trading office based in Sri Lanka, digitized their quality control processes to maintain a single record for review and revisions.

Read Case Study
Enable quality inspectors to keep track of their tickets.

Reduce Quality Issues with Real-Time Monitoring

Allocate and Track Quality Audits

Quality Managers can plan the work of quality inspectors by allocating tickets via the SAP Fiori® app across multiple locations.

Know what’s going on wherever you are

Tickets allocated are immediately visible to the QC Inspector, helping them keep track of all assigned tickets easily. QC Managers, in turn, are able to gain visibility into the current Quality Audit status of Purchase Orders.

Easily Enter Defect Details

Identify quality problems quicker, leveraging a rich mobile user-experience to easily enter defects with the ability to add comments and capture images as visual evidence.

Define Multiple AQL Audit Schemas

Gain fashion industry specific features such as the ability to define Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL), and the ability to track defects by style, color and size.

Enable quality inspectors to keep track of their tickets.

Gain Actionable Insights with Quality Inspection Reporting

Access key reports from anywhere

View multiple final inspection reports - Reports for QA Pass Rates, Defects per Vendor and QC Inspector Performance.

Manage your vendors better

Organize, and manage your global vendors in a systematic, efficient way for improved sourcing decisions, overall compliance, and to mitigate any potential risks.

Act Faster

Get visibility into defects to approve/reject on PO fulfillment. Changes in delivery dates, quantities and cancellations trigger immediate alerts for appropriate follow-up action.

Streamline the Quality Process

Enhance Efficiency

QC Inspectors can view all QC tickets in a single screen and update Quality Managers immediately on the ticket status.

Reduce Costs

Transparency into product quality helps resolve problems quickly to reduce the risks of cancellations, chargebacks and returns.

Issue Identification

Compile and evaluate vendor performance with Quality Inspection Reports and drill-down to the details causing the situation.

Quality Assurance

Enhance brand reputation and competitiveness by standardizing manufacturing processes with faster issue prevention and resolution.

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See how Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution™ helps fashion companies effectively manage their quality control processes to deliver unparalleled efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

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